Why was enScholar created?

enScholar began as an idea to increase student engagement. Our research revealed that highly engaged individuals were those who had a deep understanding of their interests, strengths, and values, and how each of these related to their studies, work, and life. This self-knowledge formed a sort of 'compass' which guided these people through making the choices that would eventually lead to successful, fulfilling careers and lives.
It's clear, based on current research, that although traditional career assessments can be of some value, no algorithm or software, no matter how sophisticated, has the ability to accurately predict a person's ideal career. In fact, assessments can often be detrimental to a student's self-esteem and sense of direction.
Students don't need more career or post-secondary information, most are drowning in it already. What is required is a deeper foundation of self-knowledge, and the ability to leverage this knowledge to think critically and independently.
Our goal became to facilitate the process of creating an 'internal compass' for youth. By studying existing assessments and academic research, we started developing career tools to guide students through the process of defining, prioritizing, and reflecting on their interests, strengths, and values. 
Today our tools are helping students, (as well as their parents and teachers) to build a solid foundation of self knowledge, and a decision-making framework to facilitate smart choices in all areas of life. 
By the way, the idea of 'life-long learning' also applies to us. We're always looking for ways improve the system, so that we can help even more students choose the right path.
If you've got some insight for us as we continue to evolve, feel free to drop us a note at info@enscholar.com with the subject line 'Suggestions'.
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