How much time is required of me?

"If you want something done, ask a busy person." - Benjamin Franklin

You've got a full schedule, but you'd still like to contribute. We think that's great, and this is why we've created three different volunteer types, so you can participate without rearranging your life. 

Most of the work can be completed remotely and on your own time – in other words, you can complete a task at 2am in your pajamas, if you'd like. We'll often meet via Skype/Google Hangouts, so you can be located just about anywhere. 

Here's a basic outline of time commitment:

1) Ambassador Volunteers contribute between 1-4 hours each week on different assignments. Assignments are flexible, and you'll have the freedom to spend more time on tasks you're interested in. 

2) Specialist Volunteers typically contribute on a project by project basis, anywhere from 1-5 hours per week. For example, a volunteer writer could spend 3 hours creating a blog post for a media outlet, and one hour editing content for our website. A designer could spend 2 hours creating a PDF template, and 30 minutes crafting an image for our facebook page.

3) Core Volunteers have significant responsibility and take charge of a specific area within enScholar. They contribute between 8-15+ hours (or more) per week. 


Core Volunteers will often start as Ambassadors and then move up once they demonstrate consistent effort and quality in their submitted work. We keep track of the work done by Ambassadors, and promote those who we feel would be a good fit for our Core Team.


Still not sure if you have enough time? Try applying for the enScholar Ambassador position. If you're accepted, it's the most flexible of the bunch, and will allow you to contribute even if your calendar is unpredictable.


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