What do you look for in a volunteer?

We're a team that stretches across continents, time zones, and generations. We look for diversity in our team and don't discriminate based on age, gender, or ethnicity. 

Experience and skills definitely help, but we don't expect you to have heaps of experience, especially if you are a student or recent graduate.

What we do expect are the following:

   ● Alignment with our vision: We're a non-profit with a clear goal in mind. It's what drives us to do what we do. If you're genuinely excited about promoting our vision to others, we want to talk to you!

   ● Initiative, and the ability to get work done on your own: We're a startup, which means that each team member has the freedom to create, innovate, and assume large amounts of responsibility – with little supervision. Many don't handle this well. We need those who will work hard without requiring constant attention and direction. We reward those who think up and act on new ways to grow enScholar. No idea is too big; if you can carry it out, there's a good chance we'll help you implement your own ideas, assigning other volunteers to help you.

   ● Great communication skills: (speaking and writing): We look for people who can write well and speak confidently to others on behalf of enScholar. As a volunteer, you'll be asked to reach out to your community, either online or in person, so we choose people who will be capable of doing this. 

    Active on social media: You don't have to be the type to post about what you had for breakfast, but we do look for people who will engage with our Facebook and Twitter pages on a regular basis and who won't be shy about promoting enScholar to their networks. 


...and last but not least,


   ● Have a great attitude: We can't stress this enough. We've got a 'no jerks' policy, so you're guaranteed to work with great people. You've got to be willing to learn, try new things, and take constructive criticism. We're not looking to accommodate seasoned pros, we're looking to develop future leaders.


   ●Bonus: If you have contacts and connections with high school teachers, principals, school districts, businesses/organizations involved with youth, or experience with fundraising, please let us know. 

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    Alvaro Bousquet da Silveira

    Very good! I want to be a volunteer!

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