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enScholar is a startup EdTech non-profit that creates free online career tools for high school students. Our vision is to help young people lead more meaningful, fulfilling lives by enabling better career decisions. We've helped students from over 20 countries find their paths, and we're looking to expand further. 

We've recently launched TryIt, a place for students to find STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) learning experiences. We find the best online resources (videos, workshops, tools) and local opportunities (volunteer jobs, events, conferences) related to a student’s interests and career prospects. We help teens make better decisions about college/careers – building their knowledge (and resumes) through gaining relevant experience. Our goal is to create a global community of students who are exploring, sharing, and engaging in the best resources and opportunities available to youth.

An early release of TryIt ( has been built (Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap) and is being beta tested with students in Metro Vancouver. We are now focussing on building up a database of high-quality experiences and have made content partnerships with NASA, FutureLearn, CreativeLive, Envato, and others.



About this Position: 

We're looking for a volunteer creative designer to work on our web and promotional work – someone who cares deeply about student engagement and improving career outcomes for youth, and has a passion for UI/UX design. You approach design with a user-first mindset and can work effectively with minimal supervision (you'll most likely be working remotely with a distributed team).

You may be responsible for creating wireframes, mockups and prototypes to validate ideas; establishing design direction; potentially develop front-end code, and performing user testing.

You’ll have a huge impact in shaping the design of the finished product by:

● Designing pixels in whichever app allows you to do your best work (Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch)

● Looking for every opportunity to improve the user experience of the product.


We typically have at least one hour-long, online team meeting each week that we highly recommend attending. Team meetings are an important time for us to talk about our overall direction, updates, and new TryIt features; it's also a great chance to connect all of the volunteers. See the application (below) for current team meeting times. If you are unable to make these meetings, please indicate it on your application form. 


Time Commitment (Please specify on your application):

Half-time (20+ hours per week, minimum 4 months): You'll take on a real management role as part of our Core Team. You'll take responsibility for members of your group, building leadership capacity quickly by running meetings and training your group members (don't worry, we'll train you first). 

Part-time (4-6 hours per week, minimum 2 months): You'll be contributing to your group on a weekly basis and be responsible for meeting the goals set by you and your group leader.  

Short on time, but still want to contribute? Apply for an Ambassador position. 


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How will this role benefit you?

We look for people who are driven by our vision, and who are willing to work hard to achieve it.

If our mission resonates with you, everything else is icing on the cake. But since everyone likes a little icing, here are some additional benefits to volunteering with enScholar:

   ● You'll work with a values-oriented team that's committed to one thing: Helping students lead more fulfilling lives through making better career decisions.

   ● You'll be part of building an innovative technology nonprofit and learn the ins and outs of how a real startup organization operates.

   ● You'll have a flexible schedule and the ability to work from home and/or your favourite cafe.

   ● You'll gain experience and build your personal portfolio of work in a way that is highly visible to future employers. 

   ● We'll provide you with a reference letter to attest to your contribution after 12 weeks.  

   ● You'll build your network through volunteering with people from around the world who are interested in education, technology startups, and youth-development. 



An online portfolio of your own design work: We'll need to see your design style and what your capable of creating. You can add links to your work in the volunteer form. This is a must for any volunteer design applicant. 

Knowledge of Agile Development (BDD, Scrum) and work flow: You'll be working with other designers and developers, so you'll need a strong understanding of these systems and the terms/concepts associated with them

● Alignment with our vision: We're a non-profit with a clear goal in mind. It's what drives us to do what we do. If you're genuinely excited about promoting our vision to others, we want to talk to you!

● The drive to get things done: We're driven by our values and by achievement, not pride. We work hard and we play hard. Even though this is a volunteer role, we expect a lot from you, and hope that you'll expect a lot from us in return. If you're ready to push yourself, and get better in the process, let's chat.


...and last but not least,


● Have a great attitude: We can't stress this enough. We've got a 'no jerks' policy, so you're guaranteed to work with great people. You've got to be willing to learn, try new things, and take constructive criticism. We're not looking to accommodate seasoned pros, we're looking to develop future leaders.





Interested? First, check out, and sign up for a free enScholar volunteer account at Try our tools out for yourself. This is a great way for you to learn about what we've created, and for us to find out more about your personal interests, strengths, and values.

Ready to apply? Fill out our Volunteer Application Form. Please only submit one form and specify up to three preferred positions. We receive hundreds of applications, so please be patient as we review your information. 

We look forward to hearing from you!




★Know someone who might be interested in this position? Share it on Facebook 



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