Is there any preparation required for teachers?

Teachers are busy. We've designed the tools to be completely self-explanatory, and self-guided, so that students can start using the system without any introductory instruction from a teacher.

The only thing that we recommend is that teachers watch the two-minute introductory video which gives an overview of how the system works. It's really that simple. 

Here's what a teacher had to say about using the system:

"There's really no extra preparation time for teachers. It was a seamless transition to start using enScholar in the classroom. The site explains itself clearly to students, and there are step-by-step instructional videos that walk them through each activity, so they can work independently from anywhere they have a computer or mobile device.

The tools are simple to use, and it's designed to be easy for students and teachers to track progress. Students not only answer reflective questions by typing them out, they also need to rank and prioritize things – but they always learn how to do this first, by watching the short intro videos.

As the teacher, it's nice to be the supplementary resource sometimes. You have 30 students being engaged all at once, working on their personal profile, while as a teacher I'm there to support them and be another resource to help those who need it.

I had a great experience with enScholar. I used all of the tools, but had the flexibility to cater the learning experience directly towards where I wanted my students to go, while keeping the big picture in mind."


For teachers interested in receiving additional support, we are available online to answer any of your questions at

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