What's the difference between enScholar and other tools/assessments?

It's the difference between having a roadmap and a compass.

Traditional assessments are like roadmaps. They predict your career and give you a single path to reach it, based on a brief questionnaire. Just like paper roadmaps, they're often inflexible, outdated, and don't account for roadblocks or a rapidly changing world. 
A compass, on the other hand, points you in the right direction no matter where you are, or how quickly your surroundings are changing. A compass allows you to pioneer unchartered territory, innovate, and find your own unique route without boxing you in. At enScholar, we help you create your own compass to guide decisions for your career and your life, so you can find the best fit possible for you. 
Here are a few other important differences:
Parent-Active: We equip parents with valuable information and provide the opportunity to get involved at each stage of the process, because parents should be more than just observers.
Mobile: We've built enScholar for use across all devices, so you can engage just as easily from your smartphone as from your laptop.
Convenient: Each activity takes between 3-10 minutes, so your teen can complete an activity while waiting for the bus, or during a commercial break. 
Fun and Easy: Our simple-to-use, video-guided, platform will keep your teen engaged. They're in complete control and can stop and restart whenever they like. No 100-question surveys here.
Education-Focused: We teach teens the decision-making skills to become independent, informed thinkers, so they can make the best choices for themselves. No fancy algorithms required. 
Non-Profit: We're driven by our vision to put students first. All revenue we generate goes into making enScholar a better product for you and your teen. It's that simple.
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