How does enScholar work?

enScholar consists of five activity-based tools, outlined below. Each tool begins with a 2-minute video explaining how to proceed and get the best results possible, followed by bite-sized activities that take between 3 and 10 minutes each. 
Tools are self-paced, meaning teens can stop at any point and have their work saved for when they return. After completing the Values Compass, teens will have a 'Top 5’ list of each of their interests, strengths, and values, which teens will use to evaluate occupations in the Career Alignment section. 
  • Interests Explorer: Teens brainstorm, prioritize, and reflect on their top interests. The goal is to dig into ‘why' they are drawn to each interest so they can spot underlying themes and patterns across interests to use to find suitable careers. Learning about interests points teens towards areas to explore further, especially if they are unsure of what careers and/or post secondary programs to dive into.




  • Strengths Pilot: Teens answer a brief questionnaire on their natural talents. They'll get a sense of what their top 5 strengths could be, along with associated career insights, and famous people who share these strengths. When teens understand their strengths, they'll be able to evaluate careers based on the tasks involved, and recognize matches for themselves. 




  • Values Compass: Teens prioritize 33 career-related values, ranking each on a scale of personal importance. We then walk them through discussing why their top 5 values carry particular significance to them. Understanding personal values helps teens to find careers that will be intrinsically rewarding. 




  • Career Alignment: Teens first explore our collection of career profiles and videos - we show students which occupations align with their strengths, but encourage broader exploration. Teens select careers of interest and use our Alignment Tool to score each career based on how it fits with their top interests, values, and strengths, respectively. At the end, they'll have a ranked list of how each of the careers aligned. Careers can be re-ranked multiple times as teens learn more about the jobs and about themselves. 




  • My Notes: This is a flexible notepad where teens can journal, reflect, and keep track of experiences they gain which are aligned with their interests, values, and strengths. Parents can also contribute their thoughts and insights here (second image).


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