What is enScholar?

enScholar is a non-profit education tech startup that empowers urban youth to find meaningful careers. We've built a series of free, online tools that have been used by students in over 40 countries. 

We're a team of volunteers that span generations, cultures, and countries. We're diverse, but each of us shares the same mission: To help students find their own path to a fulfilling career.

We care about student development because each member of our team has personally been in the same place that many teens find themselves in today – confused, overwhelmed, and anxious about the future.
We created enScholar to guide others through an innovative process that we’ve personally benefitted from. Today, we’re helping students, along with their parents and teachers, build a brighter future through self-exploration. 
Our online learning platform helps students discover their interests, strengths, and values, explore relevant careers, and learn how to link their self-knowledge with occupations. 
We've created instructional videos and engaging activities that not only make the process fun, but also teach students to think critically and independently. We help students build a solid foundation of self-knowledge and a framework for making decisions that they can use for the rest of their lives.
Try the tools out for yourself at enScholar.com
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